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Board your pets at Lake Wissota Animal Hospital

When deciding on a place for your pet to stay when you’re out of town it can be difficult. Here at LWAH boarding we pride our self on making sure your pet is on their own little vacation. We provide exceptional care with around the clock monitoring, multiple options on where your pet should stay, enrichment toys, and so much more. Take a look at the amenities listed below to learn more, and if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to give us a call!

    • Veterinary supervision
    • Frequent walks and playtime
    • We feed premium quality veterinary foods, but do prefer you bring your own to ensure minimal changes while you are away.
    • We walk the dogs at least 4 times a day, or more if needed (for puppies) and do offer additional 15 minute play times each, either once or twice a day.
    • Temperature controlled kennel areas
    • Suites, Family rooms, or Runs are available for your pet to stay in

Required Medical Information

To board your pet at Lake Wissota Animal Hospital, your pet must be up to date on their Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella vaccines.

Boarding Hours

Monday – Friday: 9am- 3pm
Saturday: 9am-11:30am
Sunday: 10am & 6pm (Pick-up only)

Boarding Options at Lake Wissota Animal Hospital

dog in a boarding suite


Kennels & Suites

  • Individual areas for your kiddo to sprawl out and enjoy their stay.
  • Suites are available for pets who prefer a little more privacy and room to hang out!
  • Junior and Executive suites are in a separate area then the kennels to reduce sound and promote privacy.
  • Family room – Do you have multiple kiddos that love to be together! Our family room allows for plenty of space for up to 3 large dogs to hang out and play!


Feline Condos

  • Large kennels with three separate levels to allow for plenty of space and play time! 
  • Can house multiple cats from the same family. 
  • Separate area away from the dogs to allow for a stress-free stay!
cats in a tower crate playing
rabbit sitting on a porch swing


Outdoor Space

  • Large fenced in play yards to give your pet the ultimate space to stretch their legs!
  • Splash zones during the warmer months
  • Plenty of balls, frisbees, and toys to keep your pet active.
  • One-on-one time with our kennel attendants
  • Additional play times available for a fee.

Boarding FAQ’s

What is included in my pet’s stay?

We provide the works besides your pet’s food! To make sure your pet has a comfortable and interactive stay we provide: beds, blankets, toys, calming music, 1 on 1 playtimes (at an additional charge), splash zones during warmer months, and interactive toys like peanut butter Kongs to keep your pet’s mind stimulated. For cats we provide litter, food, toys, blankets, and a plethora of snuggles.

What should I bring?

Make sure to bring enough food or special treats for your pets stay, slow feeders if used, any medications in the original bottle, and small toys or comfort items that can be washed. We do provide hills Science diet kibble but would prefer you to bring your own food to limit any tummy upset for your pet!

What shouldn’t I bring?

We ask that you refrain from bringing large un-washable items like large beds or blankets.

How many times does my pet get outside?

Dogs under our care are taken out 6-8 times a day. This can include longer walks (minimum of 4 per day) and shorter potty breaks. We also have the option of 2 additional 15 minute one on one play times per day (for an additional fee). Cats under our care do not go outside.

Will my pet play with other dogs?

We do not allow intermingling between pets in our care that are not in the same household. Like humans, pets have all different ranges of interests, from non-stop play to calm and relaxing jaunts outside. We want to give our all for your pets and this allows them to have the best experience!

Do you have breed restrictions or accept aggressive pets?

LWAH prides itself on being able to take care of any and all pets! This means we do not discriminate against any sort of breed! We are experienced at working with timid and fearful pets, but if your pet will not allow a collar and leash to be put on them, or they are a bite risk we may not be able to accommodate your stay.

What are the vaccine requirements/spay and neuter requirements?

We do require your pet(s) to be vaccinated for Bordetella (kennel cough), rabies, and distemper to make sure your pet(s) are well protected! We do not require your pet to be fixed to stay at our facility. Cats must be current on rabies and distemper as well. 

Can I drop off or pick up outside of your normal hours?

We understand that things come up that may hinder your ability to pick your pet up between our set hours, it happens to the best of us! For an additional charge and depending on staffing availability, we do allow scheduled pick up/drop off times.

Can I tour your facility?

We know the importance of seeing where your beloved pet will be residing while you are out of town. To make sure the pets in our care have our undivided attention, we do not give tours during the weekends, holidays, or when we are at full capacity. We do allow tours on our quieter days by appointment only, please call 715-726-8811 (option 2) to schedule one.

Is there someone there overnight as well as during the day?

Our staff is there typically from 7:30am to late evening every day, so we do not provide overnight care. This allows for quiet time so the pets can rest for the next day of play! Don’t fret though when we are not physically with your pet they are monitored with cameras.

Can I or someone else visit my pet(s) during their stay?

Unfortunately, we do not allow visitation during a pets stay as it can cause an imbalance to their routine with us. We love to provide text/call updates with pictures so that you can rest easy knowing your pet is safe and happy while you are away. Please request daily updates when dropping your pet off so that our staff can ensure you get updated!

Does my dog have 24/7 access outside?

We do not have runs that allow pets to go outside at their leisure. Instead, we provide a smaller and larger fenced in yard for your pet(s) to stretch their legs at least 6-8 times a day.

Grooming at Lake Wissota Animal Hospital

We want to be here for you and your pet in every aspect of their life and to help with that we provide the basic grooming services below:

    • Dog bath, nail trim, blow dry – under 20lbs
    • Dog bath, nail trim, blow dry – 20-50lbs
    • Dog bath, nail trim, blow dry – over 50lbs
    • Cat bath, nail trim, blow dry
    • Medicated shampoo add on
    • Dog bath only – under 21lbs
    • Dog bath only – 21-50lbs
    • Dog bath only – 50+ lbs
    • Fur dematting per 10 minuets
    • Brush out per 10 minuets
    • Nail trim
    • Soft paw (nail caps) w/o application
    • Soft paw nail caps with application

Call for prices or to set up an appointment at our boarding/grooming location

Required Medical Information

In order for your pet to be provided any grooming services we do require they are current on Rabies for our protection and your pets!

grooming area for dogs